How to Attract and Keep More Residents in Your Coworking Space

Let’s tackle the ultimate coworking conundrum: how do you attract & retain guests? It’s the burning question that keeps space operators awake at night. Whether you’re a newbie host or a seasoned pro expanding your empire, we’ve got some tips to help you attract and hold onto those lovely humans!  We have created a 4 part blog which covers all you need!

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Pt1: Leveraging the Greatest Coworking Resource - Your Local Community

You picked your hood for a reason, and guess what? Your potential guests are probably already living working and hanging out there too! The community you’re setting up in is your talent pool, your customer base and greatest ally so actively engage with this community, join local events, and bring your existing members along for the ride. You’ll find a bunch of folks just itching to be a part of the awesomeness you’ve created! 

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Pt2: Leverage Social Media For Coworking Operators

It’s time to unleash the power of social media, my friends! When it’s at it’s best it’s more than an advertising and discovery tool; it’s your secret weapon for curating an epic culture and community. While your website is all business, social media is where the stories unfold, and people start feeling like part of your tribe before they even set foot in your space. So, grab that virtual megaphone and share your community’s awesomeness! 

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Pt3: Inbound Strategies for Coworking Operators

These strategies focus on drawing potential clients to the coworking space through relevant and valuable content, building strong relationships, and providing exceptional user experiences

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Pt4: Retaining Coworking Members and Avoiding Churn

Ah, the eternal quest for retaining members. Attracting new ones might be perceived as your biggest challenge, but keeping the ones you have even more crucial. Long-term loyalty is getting harder to come by, so let’s spice things up and keep your community engaged! 

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