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Are you a talented creative, freelancer, or storyteller looking to embrace the Brand Ambassador life? Colo, the platform connecting people with the best creative spaces worldwide, is searching for individuals who are passionate about remote work and coworking. 

As a Colo Brand Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to travel the world while working remotely from various coworking spaces. We’ll support you on this journey and help promote your unique story. If this sounds like you and you have an exciting tale to share, we’d love to hear from you and explore the possibility of you becoming a Colo Ambassador. 


At Colo, we are dedicated to connecting good people with the most inspiring creative spaces and communities around the globe. While we are currently based in New Zealand, our vision is to expand worldwide. We specialize in matching digital nomads with coworking spaces and communities that align with their needs, whether it’s in the depths of South East Asia, hidden along Sydney streets, or in unexpected locations. Our passion lies in discovering vibrant cultures and nurturing thriving communities wherever they may be found. 

Our unique culture engine is a free tool designed to connect people with spaces, fostering the creation of dynamic communities. As a Colo Ambassador, you’ll be seeking a few key elements in a space, such as reliable Wi-Fi, industry-interested locals, a relaxing atmosphere, or a spot near the beach. Our aim is to find the perfect coworking spot that ticks all your boxes. 

As a Colo Brand Ambassador, you’ll be at the forefront of hybrid working, operating from creative spaces, and collaborating with cool communities. You’ll help us uncover new hotspots, gain deeper insights into various communities, and share their stories. You may even organize activation events for the coworking spaces you visit. The way you tell these stories is up to you, whether it’s through blogs, social media, or other creative channels. 


In return for being a Colo Brand Ambassador and boosting our community while spreading the word about our culture engine, we’ll credit your account so you can access creative spaces listed on Colo for free. Additionally, you’ll receive semi-frequent swag and other exciting perks. We’ll promote the content you create to our network of travelers and coworkers and provide budgets for hosting events in different workspaces as you travel. This is an excellent opportunity to grow your online audience and be part of an innovative, expanding community. 


To be an ideal Colo Ambassador, you should be someone who’s always on the move, both physically and figuratively. If you have a natural flair for storytelling and possess creative skills like writing, photography, or videography, you’re the perfect fit. You can recognize a good co-working space when you see one, and your love for travel and connecting with people makes you an all-around people person. Above all, you’re eager to share your Colo experiences with your network. 

We’re flexible on some of the finer details, prioritizing authenticity in everything we do. As the role evolves, we’ll adapt with you and create exciting opportunities as we go along. If this sounds like an adventure you’d love to embark on, we’re excited to discuss it further with you. 

So, if you’re a creative with a passion for coworking, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Simply fill out the form on our sign-up page, making sure to check the ‘apply for’ checkbox, and leave us your email. We’ll be in touch shortly via email to arrange a time for a chat and debrief. 

Looking forward to talking with you soon! 

The Colo Team. 

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