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Finding new guests is a time consuming, costly headache. Colo is your aligned partner helping get you back to business of running a coworking community.

Marketing, matching and community curation all in one platform with no upfront costs.

Propel your coworking business to new heights without any upfront costs! Colo is your all-in-one solution, handling your client acquisition. From expert marketing strategies that spotlight your space and community across various media platforms, to attracting guests who resonate with your unique offerings via our Culture Engine.

Higher Revenues and less Overheads
More guests and less churn
Outreach team
Space management dashboard
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Higher Revenues and less Overheads​​

There are zero upfront costs and no overheads associated with Colo. Our dedicated team actively markets your space and community, reducing your marketing expenses, while our tailored strategies drive more occupancy, translating to increased revenues. At Colo, we succeed when you do, revolutionising coworking one seat at a time.

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More guests and less churn

Our dedicated marketing efforts are aimed at filling your spaces and seats, amplifying your community’s allure. But, our commitment doesn’t stop there. Through our culture engine, we ensure these guests harmonize seamlessly with your community’s ethos. This synergy cultivates a thriving environment, backed by community feedback that aids in fine-tuning your offerings. Say goodbye to fleeting interactions and hello to long term residents. With Colo’s culture engine, you’re not just competing on price – you’re competing on the power of your coworking spaces’ distinct culture and community

Outreach Team

Our outreach team serves as the driving force behind securing new, enthusiastic paying guests for your coworking space. Comprising an experienced team including social media strategists, seasoned SEO experts, creative content creators, and proactive customer outreach specialists all working on your behalf.. This team is backed by an online and telephone customer support framework all driving to help you on your mission to create vibrant coworking communities.

Space management dashboard

Colo has developed a space management dashboard which will enable you to:

  • Manage bookings and residents through the web app
  • Integrate tools and systems you are already using
  • On demand reporting including financial and guest feedback
  • Monetise previously under-utilised space
  • Reduce community “churn”
  • Curate your communities
  • Process payments from walk-ins

How it works

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