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ColoWorkFlex: Your Vacancy, Our Expertise, Hybrid Workspace Demand - Your Gain

ColoWorkFlex presents a ground-breaking opportunity for those with vacant spaces and keen to capitalise on the increasing demand for hybrid working arrangements. Boasting over 20 years of experience in operational real estate, including coworking, hospitality, and office space management, we’re experts at turning underused spaces into profitable, buzzing environments. Our comprehensive, turnkey service includes sales and marketing, onsite management, booking, payment processing, and rigorous health and safety protocols. Our seasoned expertise ensures your property is not just fully utilised, but also profitably managed, aligning seamlessly with the changing needs of today’s dynamic workforce in Aotearoa.

Generating more money
Generate More Profits than a Traditional Lease
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Maintain Full Control & Transparency
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Dedicated and Aligned Partner
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Unique Flexible Workspace Opportunity
Enhancing Asset Vibrancy
Generating more money
Generate More Profits the a Traditional Lease

Our cornerstone goal is to significantly increase your net revenue above what you can get in a normal lease. With a team of specialised experts in real estate and both digital and direct sales and marketing, we are committed to not just attracting paying guests but also optimising your net returns. ColoWorkFlex transcends the conventional per square metre rental model, unlocking additional revenue channels by offering guests unique, value-added services, which you will benefit from.

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Maintain Full Control & Transparency

Our regular, transparent reporting provides comprehensive insights into operations and financial returns, empowering you to optimise your asset management effectively. Flexible to your needs, we offer both short and long-term contract options, ensuring alignment with your strategic goals.

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Dedicated & Aligned Partner

We’re fully aligned with your success. Our expertise is working on your behalf and we we structure our agreements so we only profit when you do, making us a truly committed partner.

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Unique Flexible Working Opportunity

Office real estate is in a unique position with profound changes in tenant demand as the world moves toward flexible and hybrid working arrangements. By teaming up with Colo’s extensive expertise, we can position your property to fully harness this new wave of demand, ensuring your asset is primed to make the most out of these changing times.

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Enhancing Asset Vibrancy

Our Flexible Working -as-a-Service doesn’t just fill spaces and revenues; it infuses them with energy and buzz, akin to placemaking. This dynamic transformation is achieved through our unique cultural mapping service which matches people to the spaces they are at their most productive, happy and productive. By partnering with Colo, your asset becomes more than just a space; it evolves into a vibrant, engaging hub that attracts and retains the right mix of tenants, adding significant value and appeal to your property in Aotearoa’s dynamic market.

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