Pt4: Retaining Coworking Members & Avoiding Churn

Ah, the eternal quest for retaining members. Attracting new ones might be perceived as your biggest challenge, but keeping the ones you have even more crucial. Long-term loyalty is getting harder to come by, so let’s spice things up and keep your community engaged!


At Colo we have developed a series of tools and benchmarks for the workspace covering cost, service offerings but most importantly the workplace culture. The key is here, we’re in a people-service industry not merely selling desk space so our audits should reflect. 

As thought leader Tony Bacigalupo stated “The real thing we’re asking when we think about what motivates people to engage are, what are their needs, what are their interests?”. But it’s not enough to merely count the votes, it’s vital to then report back to your community – the good and the bad – show them that you’re listening and that you have action plan to enhance what your community loves and fix what’s not working

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Let’s make your space scream “community vibes!” When your space reflects the unique spirit of the community you serve, people can’t help but get hooked. Whether your community is all about tradition or creativity, your coworking space should be its soulmate.


Networking events? Yawn and fills many with existential dread! Let’s create collision spaces where magic happens naturally. Replace some of those stuffy conference rooms (which are too often booked or occupied at short notice) with areas designed for brainstorming and collaboration. Think comfy, fun, and vibrant spaces that make meetings exciting. Break the mold and show those corporate spaces how it’s done!


Coffee—nectar of the gods and the ultimate bonding agent. We Kiwis take our coffee seriously! Offer some options, though, because not everyone has the skills to operate a full-blown espresso machine. But if your space is big enough, go all out and team up with a local coffee roaster for those heavenly beans. Now, that’s luxury!

life begins after coffee mug


Finding the right balance can be tricky, but fear not—we’ve got some pro tips for you! A little welcoming music at the entrance sets the mood, but let’s keep it low-key. We’re not running a nightclub here! 

As for the workspace itself, ditch the hipster industrial warehouse look. We’ve found that lush greenery not only adds a touch of beauty but also dampens excess noise, creating a serene and focused atmosphere. Now that’s music to our ears!


Ah, the power of a warm welcome. Remember that feeling on your first day at a new job? Joining a coworking space can be just as daunting. Give introverts a gentle nudge, and energize the extroverts with an enthusiastic welcome. Your front desk is a real superhero and sets the tone for your coworking community, so make sure they reflect the vibrant, inclusive culture you’ve created.


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Coworking spaces are extraordinary because they break down barriers between people of different backgrounds and disciplines. Embrace a personable, positive, and human approach in all your interactions. Show people what it’s like to work together in a collaborative, respectful environment. Be the spark that ignites creativity and connection. And remember, communication is key. Stay connected with your community, and you’ll be rocking the coworking scene

So, my coworking aficionados, let’s get out there and make some coworking magic happen. It’s all about the people, the connections, and the sense of belonging. Embrace the fun, the fabulous, and the furry (if you have office pets). Happy coworking adventures to you all!

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