Where will you work today?

Find a desk, workspace, meeting room and community.

Find and book the perfect office, meeting room, or coworking space in New Zealand with Colo. Discover your ideal workspace community through our Colo Culture Engine. Experience work environments that embrace your unique professional culture, empowering productivity and growth.

Colo connects freelancers, teams, businesses to spaces throughout New Zealand. Our unique culture engine curates a tailored match for the perfect working experience.

Hybrid workspace booking

Finding, booking and paying for office space should not be hassle, which is why we have created a super intuitive booking interface.

We’ll help you find office space on flexible terms with no strings. 

No leases. No complications. 

Hybrid working that works for team and employer

Provide your team with a third option—a place between working from home and the office. These places enable them to be fully engaged, supported, effective, networked, and closer to customers. At the same time, Colo will help you transform real estate from a fixed overhead into a variable cost that grows with your business.

It’s amazing how much our ideas, inspiration and impact improved when we made the move to coworking. Being surrounded by a crew of talented individuals is a sure fire way to make good things happen fast.
Pat Shepherd
The best thing about coworking is the amount of different people I have met and the real actionable relationships I made with them. The amount of work I have gotten through coworking has really kickstart my agency.
Hollie Arnett

Find your perfect community

An office is not just about finding a place with free WiFi. For us it is about creating opportunities to make meaningful connections with amazing individuals.

Colo’s Culture Engine will connect you and your team with the perfect work community given your preferred culture, location and work space.

Unlock the profitability and vibrancy of your office space

Supercharge your office space’s profitability and vibe with incredible coworkers. Colo helps you promote, find ideal matches, set prices, and cultivate community through our culture engine.

Effortlessly manage payments, bookings, and communications in one place. Say goodbye to subscription fees – we only earn when you do.

" The function of a community is not to fix one weaknesses but to amplify everybody's strengths."

Simon Sinek

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