About Colo

With over 20 years of real estate expertise in investing and operating properties, we have mastered the art of transforming spaces from cost centers into competitive advantages. Our team has operated various workplaces, including offices and hotels, and we excel at enhancing employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and profitability. We firmly believe that our work environments shape our lives, offering incredible possibilities.

We understand the frustrations that come with the traditional office grind. Whether it’s navigating between coworking spaces in Seoul and Portland, seeking refuge in cafés and departure lounges, battling traffic just to attend a short meeting, or struggling to maintain work-life balance while working from home, building a remote team culture is no easy task. It’s time for a change—for the sake of both employers and employees.

We recognize that the way we utilize office space is at an inflection point, and we’re here to help you benefit from these changes.

Introducing Colo—the bold challenger with a vision to revitalize the office for your benefit. Colo represents the vibrant third option between home and the conventional workplace. Imagine engaged teams, supported workplaces, and off-the-charts productivity. It’s a place where you can connect with customers, team members, potential partners, and, of course, savor amazing coffee!

But the advantages of Colo don’t end there. Bid farewell to the constraints of long-term leases that stifle your balance sheet, profitability, and style. Our flexible, adaptable approach transforms your real estate from a fixed burden into a resource that grows alongside your business. It’s time to break free and embrace a new way of working.

Colo combines technology, underutilized spaces, and a vibrant community into one powerful solution. It all starts with our Culture Engine, which goes beyond simply assigning desks to create meaningful connections among workers.

Welcome to Colo—where the office becomes exciting again

colo culture engine

Unlocking productivity and engagement in the workplace has never been easier. Introducing the Colo Culture Engine—a cutting-edge solution developed by Colo. It assesses working styles and personalities, connecting individuals and teams with spaces where they can thrive, fully engaged and highly effective.

Through a brief questionnaire, the Colo Culture Engine evaluates responses across three key parameters: active, social, and focus. This assessment reveals valuable insights into individuals’ working preferences and needs.

For guests and teams, we leverage these preferences to match them with suitable spaces. For space providers, we use this feedback to help them create tailored environments that cater to diverse activity levels, social needs, and focus requirements. The result? A more satisfied and harmonious community.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches. Embrace the future of workplace optimization with the Colo Culture Engine. Maximize productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction. Revolutionize your work culture today

Colo Values

Creating mutually beneficial relationships is at the core of our philosophy. If our clients don't win, it's not in our wheelhouse. We believe in fostering success for all stakeholders.


Empathy drives everything we do. We connect with our clients on a deeper level, understanding their frustrations and joys. At Colo, we seek to eliminate frustrations and amplify the joys they experience.


We are dedicated to delivering exceptional value to our clients, partners, and communities. We go beyond expectations to identify opportunities, innovate, and continuously improve our services.


Human connections form the foundation of our business. We believe that business starts with human connections and they thrive when human connections become communities.


We embrace pushing boundaries, thinking creatively, and exploring new possibilities. By challenging the status quo, we inspire positive change and unlock transformative solutions.


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